AB_LogoAaron Berdofe, MHI is an independent Health Information Technology contractor specializing in Meditech and LSS Data Systems’ Medical and Practice Management Suite (MPM), NPR/Data Repository, Meaningful Use as well as EHR design and development, and other informatics related topics.  He has proven himself in the areas of project management, project re-alignment, change management, issue tracking, system maintenance, system education, system design and Meaningful Use and other quality programs achievement.  Since April 2009, he has helped clients improve their success with Meditech in regards to staffing, leadership and technical recommendations and provided expertise on the Electronic Medical Record industry to numerous companies.  He has also been a guest lecturer at the University of Minnesota and a featured blogger on HISTalk.

Meditech/LSS Expertise:

10+ years of experience with the following modules: MPM which includes PWM, RXM/AOM, EAR/APR and NPR. (Magic, C/S, 6.0 platforms)

10+ years of periphery module experience: PBR, OE, LAB, SCH, RAD, ITS, MIS, PCI/EMR and PCM. (Magic, C/S, 6.0 platforms)

In addition to HIT Consulting, Aaron is also a local wine educator and musician in Minneapolis.

2 Responses to “About”
  1. Denny says:

    I recently took on a consulting position for a small rural hospital that uses Meditech. They recently had an upgrade. The LSS portion (they have many long term patients inthis rural facility so they do billing for Phys Therapy and other outpt services.

    The problem came when they did an upgrade in may 2010 on Meditech and LSS. Prior to the upgrade there was no testing done on the LSS side, only the Meditect side. However, there 3rd party clearing house Emdeon was not aware of the upgrade to Meditech so claims have been crashing. Since the Upgrade was done to LSS with NO testing, fixes have been attempted but many things are crashing. They also have not built the 837. My plan of attacj was to test in test, build the 837 in test, and then work with Emdeon in test, to make sure claims were going thru and all claim pointers are where there are pointing correcty.

    My fear now, is that the disctionaries are so messy, with patches here and therre, i almost don’t know where to start…a clean slate? To have LSS come and do it would be a fortune for this 100 bed facility. I only did upkeep on dictionaries for 1 yr. I feel that even though I have a Master’s degree in IT, I do not know how to begin.

    I am asking your advice. Are you an independent contractor or still with LSS. I would like to know if this project was beyond, my expertise, I could refer SOMEONE to my employer to assist this hospital with their dictionary repair and building the 837. And a timeline…I feel it might take some time to build the 837….Any thoughts would help as a struggling collegue.

    Thanks very much,

    Denielle Palmer, MS

  2. John says:

    Dear Aaron,

    I read your article on NPR with interest. I have a situation where we would have extract data out of LSS to do Compartive Effectiveness Research. Besides NPR are there other mechanisms to export data so that it can be analyzed in SQL friendly databases.

    If you know of any tools that do this, please do suggest them.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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