Help The Electronic Health Records. They Are Being Abused!

At this point I think I may revert back to the old-fashioned term of Electronic MEDICAL Records because suddenly they’ve gone from saviors of the healthcare industry to tools of the money-grubbing doctors…at least according to some.  That and we’ve realized that they help the medical community more than they improve the health of people. … Continue reading

Decide On This

A fundamental factor in understanding Information Theory is that a signal, regardless of noise, will degrade over time and distance.  Those of us in healthcare are starting to feel that a person’s mental capacity also degrades the more time and clicks they spend on an EHR.   There are people who really hate working with EHRs.  … Continue reading

Meaningful Use Attestations Show the Rich Get Richer

Originally posted on HISTalk Practice. Meaningful Use charts and graphs are a dime a dozen these days and as much as I’d like to add another bar or delicious pie chart to the mix, I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I have no reservations about creating maps from the data though!  For the … Continue reading