MEDITECH/LSS MPM Reporting and ARRA Requirements

The ease of which any healthcare organization will meet “Meaningful Use” requirements will depend on what data they have captured and how easily they can report on it. As long as you have a “certified” system in place that captures the required data and have a way to analyze that data and report on it … Continue reading

Major Hurdles to Ambulatory EMR Implementations

There was a nice article in today’s NY Times about the current status of EMR implementations.  I’m fairly certain that the information gathered for the article was relating to hospital EMR implementations, but I found an important point to expound upon: The government’s effort to try to encourage a market in digital health records, experts … Continue reading

Why do you want an ambulatory EMR?

Question: Why do you want to implement an ambulatory EMR? Answers I have received from numerous healthcare provider organizations: “Improve patient safety” “Enhance communication between providers” “Improve efficiency” “It’s where the industry is heading” (my favorite) “Stimulus funds”  (new in ’09) “EMR package offering for local independent physicians”  (new in ’09) In reality, there have … Continue reading