Improving the LSS Data System Upgrade Experience

A couple weeks ago one of my clients upgraded their LSS Data Systems software from 6.07 to 6.08.  I am happy to report that on Go Live day the code move went faster than expected (although the Meditech side of things had some hiccups which caused delay) and the issues resulting once users were back … Continue reading

Service Woes of EHR Vendors

  One of my clients had their service representative notify them that they were leaving the company on Monday.  Her last day would be that same day. Then she laughed maniacally.  OK, she didn’t do the laugh, but there were some nervous giggles.  Given the abruptness though, her supervisor was contacted, apologies were issues, and … Continue reading

Major Hurdles To Ambulatory EMR Implementations – Take 2

Back in September, I posted some of the hurdles that organizations experience when implementing an ambulatory EMR.  The top three that I had dealt with at the time were: Treating the implementation as an entire organization project instead of a solely Information Systems/Technology project. Physician acceptance and leadership Reviewing existing physician practice group procedures and … Continue reading

Why do you want an ambulatory EMR?

Question: Why do you want to implement an ambulatory EMR? Answers I have received from numerous healthcare provider organizations: “Improve patient safety” “Enhance communication between providers” “Improve efficiency” “It’s where the industry is heading” (my favorite) “Stimulus funds”  (new in ’09) “EMR package offering for local independent physicians”  (new in ’09) In reality, there have … Continue reading