The Era of Legacy EHR Migration? Doubtful.

Legacy EHR: Any EHR that is not internet-dependent.   How many times have we heard that the HIT market is shifting away from “Legacy” systems and towards web and cloud-based products over the past few years?  Quite often, right?  Hospital systems flaunt how they are migrating away from their legacy systems, and numerous vendors will … Continue reading


Conducting Time Studies In Physician Practices

A few weeks back I was listening in on a conversation that an EHR implementation team was having.  They wanted to figure out what tasks or parts of the EHR a nurse was using throughout the day that were causing hangups for her.  I promptly stepped in.  Time Study! A time study is a log … Continue reading

2011 Ambulatory EHR Market Share

Back in October, AmericanEHR released their 2011 Ambulatory Market Share report.  The sample size they used is actually pretty small, but the number are similar to the 2010 Ambulatory Market Share results release by Capsite, so at least there is consistency.

Major Hurdles To Ambulatory EMR Implementations – Take 2

Back in September, I posted some of the hurdles that organizations experience when implementing an ambulatory EMR.  The top three that I had dealt with at the time were: Treating the implementation as an entire organization project instead of a solely Information Systems/Technology project. Physician acceptance and leadership Reviewing existing physician practice group procedures and … Continue reading