Breaking Up With Meditech

“It’s not you, Meditech, it’s me.” The words almost catch in your throat as you tentatively reach across the table, taking their hand in yours for what you know will be the last time.  Your eyes search theirs for any signals of emotion, any glimmer into how they are taking the news, but they seem … Continue reading

Meditech Makes Meaningful Use More Masochistic

If we’re being honest, and I know we all are because this is the internet, we all have come to terms with the fact that Meaningful Use is one big heavy sigh of frustration.  Healthcare organizations are spending significantly more dollars than what the incentive amounts to and the only silver lining is that the … Continue reading

Improving the LSS Data System Upgrade Experience

A couple weeks ago one of my clients upgraded their LSS Data Systems software from 6.07 to 6.08.  I am happy to report that on Go Live day the code move went faster than expected (although the Meditech side of things had some hiccups which caused delay) and the issues resulting once users were back … Continue reading

Achieving Meaningful Use With LSS and MEDITECH

A long while back I reported about how to potentially get all of the Meaningful Use objectives out of LSS before Stage 1 was final and before LSS had even taken its first stab at helping their customers out.  Now that the criteria is set for Stage 1 and Stage 2, and LSS has come up with … Continue reading

Help The Electronic Health Records. They Are Being Abused!

At this point I think I may revert back to the old-fashioned term of Electronic MEDICAL Records because suddenly they’ve gone from saviors of the healthcare industry to tools of the money-grubbing doctors…at least according to some.  That and we’ve realized that they help the medical community more than they improve the health of people. … Continue reading

Service Woes of EHR Vendors

  One of my clients had their service representative notify them that they were leaving the company on Monday.  Her last day would be that same day. Then she laughed maniacally.  OK, she didn’t do the laugh, but there were some nervous giggles.  Given the abruptness though, her supervisor was contacted, apologies were issues, and … Continue reading

The EHR Squeeze: How Much Can You Get?

Every time I walk into an organization to do an assessment on how they are using their EHR, I feel like my clients all have the same thought: “How do we get the most out of our EHR? There is a magical way to use this software more efficiently that the vendor isn’t telling us what … Continue reading

MEDITECH on the iPad: A Review

Much to an IT department’s chagrin, a lot of physicians tend to be fans of Apple products much like myself. Therefore, they are continually requesting that their new EHR, which they may or may not like, be accessible on their iPad and iPhone. A little less than a year ago, MEDITECH posted a “Success story” … Continue reading

Creating MEDITECH Doc Tool Templates for the Physician Practice

Creating templates in the MEDITECH’s Documentation Tool (Doc Tool) can be a pain.  Utilizing the pre-built templates that you can purchase from Zynx isn’t much better.  You’re going to spend a lot of time in these dictionaries regardless of what option you choose.  However unfortunate, no matter how much time you slave away, pouring blood, … Continue reading

MEDITECH/LSS Ordering Setup

One of the qualifications of Meaningful Use is to use computerized physician order entry (CPOE) within your EMR  (Still resisting EHR! This is how I fight the man).  The dirty secret in the LSS world is that barely any of their customers actually use the ordering functionality to its full intent.  Some send orders to the Lab, … Continue reading