Your EMR will save you time? …Really?

Check out this video of the new Dr Chrono eRx application on the iPad.  I love my iPad and try to hide it everytime I walk into a physician office because inevitably I get the question: “Does MEDITECH/LSS work on the iPad.”  I’m not in marketing or sales for MEDITECH or LSS and so I give … Continue reading

Major Hurdles To Ambulatory EMR Implementations – Take 2

Back in September, I posted some of the hurdles that organizations experience when implementing an ambulatory EMR.  The top three that I had dealt with at the time were: Treating the implementation as an entire organization project instead of a solely Information Systems/Technology project. Physician acceptance and leadership Reviewing existing physician practice group procedures and … Continue reading

The Physician Narrative Vs. The EMR Template

Or…How many clicks does it take to develop a narrative? Or…Why the benefits of EMRs may be at the population level and not the individual level How can you apply the highly desirable and perhaps necessary physician narrative using a template-based EMR?  The short answer is that you don’t.  Discreet data and a non-structured narrative … Continue reading

Requiring A Dx In MPM On Lab/Rad Orders

For those who have made the attempt to implement the Ambulatory Order Management (AOM) module within MEDITECH and LSS Data Systems’s Medical and Practice Management Suite (MPM), one of the many common frustrations is that the system does not have the ability to require a diagnosis on a Lab or Rad order as part of its standard … Continue reading

E-Prescribing with DrFirst and LSS/MEDITECH MPMc

One of the pending requirements that will see its way to the final document  for “Meaningful Use” is to have physicians electronically submit prescriptions.  LSS Data Systems/MEDITECH have partnered with Dr. First to add this functionality into their MPMc product.  As of this post, there are only 3 MAGIC clients utilizing the e-prescribing functionality in … Continue reading

Major Hurdles to Ambulatory EMR Implementations

There was a nice article in today’s NY Times about the current status of EMR implementations.  I’m fairly certain that the information gathered for the article was relating to hospital EMR implementations, but I found an important point to expound upon: The government’s effort to try to encourage a market in digital health records, experts … Continue reading