MEDITECH Screen Icons

For those familiar, MEDITECH’s screen icons have always been a bit of a joke. Not purposefully, unfortunately as I always appreciate a dash of whimsy in products, but just short of the line of what most people would consider something acceptable to put out in public. Ever since they blue themselves and their interface starting … Continue reading

Service Woes of EHR Vendors

  One of my clients had their service representative notify them that they were leaving the company on Monday.  Her last day would be that same day. Then she laughed maniacally.  OK, she didn’t do the laugh, but there were some nervous giggles.  Given the abruptness though, her supervisor was contacted, apologies were issues, and … Continue reading

3 Models For Exchanging Healthcare Data Post-EHR Craze

Reposted from HISTalk Practice. Let’s assume for a moment that the current craze surrounding EHRs is completely effective and every physician in America is meaningfully utilizing one in the near future (hurray for blind optimism!). There are two purposes for doing this, despite the numerous reasons that have been thrown out there. One is the … Continue reading