Breaking Up With Meditech

“It’s not you, Meditech, it’s me.” The words almost catch in your throat as you tentatively reach across the table, taking their hand in yours for what you know will be the last time.  Your eyes search theirs for any signals of emotion, any glimmer into how they are taking the news, but they seem … Continue reading

Will Meaningful Use Die in 2016?

Usually nothing interesting pops up on my Twitter feed, but earlier this week Healthcare IT News noticed the acting administrator of the CMS, Andy Slavitt just announced the death knell of Meaningful Use…in 2016.  Those on the ball will note that this is at least a couple of years earlier than anyone expected.  I’m generally … Continue reading

7 Things Every EHR Designer Needs To Know

I came across a wonderful article this morning on Medium entitled 7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility.  If you are a software designer for an EHR vendor, or just interested in that sort of thing, I would highly recommend reading it.  I will contend that the lessons listed in the article are … Continue reading

Ambulatory EMR Market Share Analysis: Take 2

HISTalk Practice just posted a summary of CapSite’s 2010 Ambulatory EMR Market Share Analysis.  Informative graphics speak better than words so look at the chart above and follow the links for more details.

Meaningful Use Proposed Rule Word Cloud

I’m not quite sure what compelled me to do a word cloud of the ARRA HITECH “Meaningful Use” Proposed Rule, but I did it.  Perhaps it was because I haven’t seen one yet.  I think it’s interesting to note that there’s a whole lot more in the proposed rule about payments and incentives than actually … Continue reading

Ambulatory EMR Market Share Anaylsis

Quick update. I saw this little article on estimated current market share of ambulatory EMRs. Not overly surprising, but interesting.

The Physician Narrative Vs. The EMR Template

Or…How many clicks does it take to develop a narrative? Or…Why the benefits of EMRs may be at the population level and not the individual level How can you apply the highly desirable and perhaps necessary physician narrative using a template-based EMR?  The short answer is that you don’t.  Discreet data and a non-structured narrative … Continue reading


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