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Breaking Up With Meditech

“It’s not you, Meditech, it’s me.” The words almost catch in your throat as you tentatively reach across the table, taking their hand in yours for what you know will be the last time.  Your eyes search theirs for any signals of emotion, any glimmer into how they are taking the news, but they seem … Continue reading

Climate Scientists Are Scrambling to Protect Their Data, Should Public Health Researchers Be Doing The Same?

**UPDATE BELOW** The scientific community has generally been appalled with the various statements/actions/threats/tweets/insinuations/insults coming out of the Trump administration.  This isn’t meant to be a political statement, this is just based on the scientific community’s response to having their life’s work questioned by a small group of people that don’t know anything about what they … Continue reading

HIT Wades Into The Election Cycle, However Briefly

Last at at NBC’s Commander in Chief Forum, HIT made a brief and fleeting appearance in a response by Hillary Clinton to a question relating to veterans’ satisfaction with the VA.  Donald Trump was not asked the question because the candidates were only asked questions up to the level of difficulty that reflects their aptitude.  … Continue reading

Are EHRs for Population Health or Individual Health?

There’s a difference between treating the health of a population and treating the health of an individual.  I’m honestly not sure if that’s a commonly held perception/understanding or not.  Every time someone decries that BMI shouldn’t be used as a general health indicator, this difference between treating populations vs. individuals seems to go unnoticed.  Sure, … Continue reading

The Big Black Hole of HIT in American Politics

Healthcare is always a prominent topic in the American political election cycle and this current one is proving to be no different.  Yet, throughout all of the blustering about saving lives and curing diseases, what most politicians usually hone in on is health insurance and understandably so.  Health insurance is the medium through which most … Continue reading

Will Meaningful Use Die in 2016?

Usually nothing interesting pops up on my Twitter feed, but earlier this week Healthcare IT News noticed the acting administrator of the CMS, Andy Slavitt just announced the death knell of Meaningful Use…in 2016.  Those on the ball will note that this is at least a couple of years earlier than anyone expected.  I’m generally … Continue reading

Moneyball for Healthcare

Last week I finally ended up watching the movie Moneyball, the 2011 movie detailing the pioneering efforts of Oakland A’s GM, Billy Beane’s to use Big Data to assemble a comparatively low cost, but winning team in professional baseball.  I know I’m clearly 4 years off from any fresh discussion of the movie so don’t … Continue reading

Why Do We Miss The Point With EHR Research?

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that most scientific research is pretty solid.  Yes, you can pick apart just about any study and point out where things could have been done differently or where the results could be interpreted slightly differently, but it’s rare that someone could [justifiably] argue that a published … Continue reading

Meditech Makes Meaningful Use More Masochistic

If we’re being honest, and I know we all are because this is the internet, we all have come to terms with the fact that Meaningful Use is one big heavy sigh of frustration.  Healthcare organizations are spending significantly more dollars than what the incentive amounts to and the only silver lining is that the … Continue reading

7 Things Every EHR Designer Needs To Know

I came across a wonderful article this morning on Medium entitled 7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility.  If you are a software designer for an EHR vendor, or just interested in that sort of thing, I would highly recommend reading it.  I will contend that the lessons listed in the article are … Continue reading