Climate Scientists Are Scrambling to Protect Their Data, Should Public Health Researchers Be Doing The Same?

**UPDATE BELOW** The scientific community has generally been appalled with the various statements/actions/threats/tweets/insinuations/insults coming out of the Trump administration.  This isn’t meant to be a political statement, this is just based on the scientific community’s response to having their life’s work questioned by a small group of people that don’t know anything about what they … Continue reading

Visualizing Diagnoses in a Patient Population

Data can have a certain beauty to it. I pulled the current active diagnoses of 1,926 patients from one of my former clients in WV (with permission of course) on March 20, 2010.  After first creating a similarity matrix from the data, I used Multidimensional Scaling to generate plot points of each diagnosis.  Therefore, the … Continue reading