The 2014 KLAS Rankings Are In And Meditech Is…

The 2014 KLAS rankings are in  and whether you put much stock in them or not, it seems to be the only measure people use when slicing out which EHR is better or worse than another.  While Epic, Cerner, and Athenahealth all predictably have multiple mentions for various categories, Meditech did snag one spot on … Continue reading

Healthcare Isn’t Being Disrupted…Yet.

[dis-ruhpt] verb:  1. To cause disorder or turmoil in.  2. To destroy, usually temporarily, the normal continuance or unity of; to interrupt.  3. To break apart. I know a lot of us in the Healthcare IT industry are used to filtering out buzzwords to evaluate whether something actually has value or not.  Take this buzzword heavy … Continue reading

The Era of Legacy EHR Migration? Doubtful.

Legacy EHR: Any EHR that is not internet-dependent.   How many times have we heard that the HIT market is shifting away from “Legacy” systems and towards web and cloud-based products over the past few years?  Quite often, right?  Hospital systems flaunt how they are migrating away from their legacy systems, and numerous vendors will … Continue reading

The Changing Hospital Feeder System

The act of a major tertiary care hospital acquiring a number of smaller community hospitals is not a new concept.  In terms of healthcare business models, the industry is fairly monochrome.  Strategically speaking, the idea is to siphon or “feed” patients from hospitals that are providing a standard level of care to the more advanced … Continue reading

Additional Meaningful Use 2011 Report Analysis

Yesterday, I gave a quick analysis to the newly released Meaningful Use November 2011 Attestation Report.  Below you will find some additional analysis focused on ambulatory attestations (Attestors are of “EP” Provider Type).  However, please note that all statistical analysis is limited by the available data.  What the CMS report does not have is the … Continue reading

Advanced MD’s “Epic” EHR

Looks like Advanced MD is trying some new SEO tactics by inserting the name of a top-selling EHR into the ads for their not-so-top-selling EHR.  I’m not sure what they were going for here, but wouldn’t this make more informed potential buyers less likely to take a look at their product because of stupid advertising? … Continue reading

EMR Increases Patient Satisfaction?

The Journal of Medical Internet Research just published a paper concluding that an EMR had improved patient satisfaction in Pediatric Rheumatology practices. Included in the overall satisfaction was the perceived improvement in quality by the patient. A couple of thoughts based on my experience: 1.) Frequent patients are more likely to report a positive feeling … Continue reading

What Your Patients Want From An EHR

I think there is a misconception out there that patient’s will begin demanding that their physicians use an EHR.  Many practices and healthcare organizations have even begun touting their newly implemented systems in bids to attract new patients.  The message is simple enough: We have fancy new technology so you should come to us instead … Continue reading