The 2014 KLAS Rankings Are In And Meditech Is…

The 2014 KLAS rankings are in  and whether you put much stock in them or not, it seems to be the only measure people use when slicing out which EHR is better or worse than another.  While Epic, Cerner, and Athenahealth all predictably have multiple mentions for various categories, Meditech did snag one spot on the lists: Community HIS under the Best of KLAS rankings and Patient Accounting and Patient Management (Community) in the KLAS category leader list.  I guess this is technically two awards, but KLAS defines the Community HIS as so:

Information systems utilized by hospitals with fewer than 200 beds. Ratings are compiled from data in the Acute Care EMR (under 200 beds) and Patient Accounting & Patient Management (under 200 beds) market segments, but may also include perspectives from healthcare providers in ancillary departments such as laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology.

…which to me looks like the same thing.  Also, it was awarded to the Meditech C/S 6.0 product which would be a mysterious hybrid between two of Meditech’s platforms, but fortunately Meditech has clarified that it is in fact its 6.0 platform they were referring to.  I’d say the minor mistake is easily forgivable since the 6.0 product is mainly made up of C/S code.  Anyway, I’d say this ranking and lack of other awards is bolstering my opinion (stated here) that Meditech should phase into being more of an infrastructure feature instead of coming anywhere close to what clinical staff are interacting with.  Congratulations to Meditech all the same.  I know they consider this the core of their competency so it’s nice to see that focus paying off.


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