The Era of Legacy EHR Migration? Doubtful.

Legacy EHR: Any EHR that is not internet-dependent.   How many times have we heard that the HIT market is shifting away from “Legacy” systems and towards web and cloud-based products over the past few years?  Quite often, right?  Hospital systems flaunt how they are migrating away from their legacy systems, and numerous vendors will … Continue reading

Additional Meaningful Use 2011 Report Analysis

Yesterday, I gave a quick analysis to the newly released Meaningful Use November 2011 Attestation Report.  Below you will find some additional analysis focused on ambulatory attestations (Attestors are of “EP” Provider Type).  However, please note that all statistical analysis is limited by the available data.  What the CMS report does not have is the … Continue reading

2011 Ambulatory EHR Market Share

Back in October, AmericanEHR released their 2011 Ambulatory Market Share report.  The sample size they used is actually pretty small, but the number are similar to the 2010 Ambulatory Market Share results release by Capsite, so at least there is consistency.

Meaningful Use November 2011 Attestation Report

The CMS has released their Meaningful Use November 2011 Report for the masses to review.  I have gone ahead and loaded the data into IBM’s wonderful Many Eyes site so you can play around with the data too.  No big surprises have come out of this data.  Epic is the heavyweight and is pulling in … Continue reading