Meaningful Use Proposed Rule Word Cloud

ARRA HITECH "Meaningful Use" Word Cloud

I’m not quite sure what compelled me to do a word cloud of the ARRA HITECH “Meaningful Use” Proposed Rule, but I did it.  Perhaps it was because I haven’t seen one yet.  I think it’s interesting to note that there’s a whole lot more in the proposed rule about payments and incentives than actually using something meaningfully.

Top words: Payment(s), EHR, Incentive, Medicaid

The words “Quality”, “Health” and “Patient(s)” snuck in there if you can find them on the cloud situated around “Medicaid”.

Cloud created with Wordle

5 Responses to “Meaningful Use Proposed Rule Word Cloud”
  1. Michelle W says:

    Re: “I haven’t seen one yet.” David Harlow did one back in January over at the HealthBlawg ( However, your’s is a bit easier to read.

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