Achieving Meaningful Use Stage 2 With Meditech and LSS

We're still doing it for the money!!!!

We’re still doing it for the money!!!!

Remember all that hard work you had to do in building those Clinical Reports for the Clinical Quality Measures in Stage 1?  Yeah, you can throw all that work out the window.  New for Stage 2 MU, Meditech and LSS have agreed that the “Best Practice” for sifting through all the data to report on the individual measures probably isn’t their clunky reporting system, but through their Data Repository (DR) utilizing SQL scripts.  While we can file this quietly under “Things they should have done in the first place.”  this means that for those that did not previously have DR, they must purchase it; for those who did not know they had DR, they must verify it is still working; and for those who are actively using their DR…I’d like to talk to you because I haven’t found you yet*.

For those that have already achieved MU Stage 1, getting to Stage 2 isn’t quite the leap that the initial one was. As you’ve probably seen, a lot of the changes for the measures involve having your EPs doing the same thing (e.g. e-Presciribing), but at a higher frequency.  In most cases, this shouldn’t be too big of a deal.  However, making sure DR is collecting the necessary fields for your CQMs will be a pain, so go ahead and get on that.  For those who utilized my Stage 1 spreadsheet for set up and tracking, I have created a similar spreadsheet for Stage 2.  Additionally, here are a few key items to focus on for your EP setup:

  • Review exisiting templates to verify new CQM-related queries are available and being documented.
  • Create 4 more clinical decision support options relating to the CQMs.
  • Meeting the educational requirement? Make sure you add in the Education component to your Assessment/Plan sections. Education content can either be built (Looks ugly) or bought.
  • Get those interfaces set up for Immunizations, Surveillance, and/or Registry Reporting.

I’m in the process of going through the setup for the hospital side of things right now, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions.

*I do actually know of one Meditech client using DR and has contracted Acmeware to do all of their MU Stage 2 SQL scripts. However, they also have plans to leave LSS and use another ambulatory EHR in the near future.

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  1. […] How many of you have already achieved Stage 2 for Meaningful Use?  Still working on it, huh?  Shooting for 3rd or 4th quarter?  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  Most sites I’ve talked to are relying on Iatric, Acmeware, and Medisolv to take care of all of the Meaningful Use reporting for them.  That’s a shame really, because running the SQL statements that Meditech put out for each measure isn’t THAT hard.  Then again, not everyone has a resource versed in SQL.  Here’s some follow-up to the first post on MU Stage 2. […]

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