Meaningful Use Attestations Show the Rich Get Richer

Originally posted on HISTalk Practice. Meaningful Use charts and graphs are a dime a dozen these days and as much as I’d like to add another bar or delicious pie chart to the mix, I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I have no reservations about creating maps from the data though!  For the … Continue reading

3 Models For Exchanging Healthcare Data Post-EHR Craze

Reposted from HISTalk Practice. Let’s assume for a moment that the current craze surrounding EHRs is completely effective and every physician in America is meaningfully utilizing one in the near future (hurray for blind optimism!). There are two purposes for doing this, despite the numerous reasons that have been thrown out there. One is the … Continue reading

LSS/MEDITECH Meaningful Use Checklist

For those of you looking for a good way to manage your LSS/MEDITECH MPM Meaningful Use setup and tracking, here is a spreadsheet with checklist that should do the trick.  Loosely based on the LSS provided spreadsheet until I discovered theirs was left out a few things and didn’t have the best concept.  This will … Continue reading

Meaningful Use November 2011 Attestation Report

The CMS has released their Meaningful Use November 2011 Report for the masses to review.  I have gone ahead and loaded the data into IBM’s wonderful Many Eyes site so you can play around with the data too.  No big surprises have come out of this data.  Epic is the heavyweight and is pulling in … Continue reading

ACOs and EHRs

Accountable Care Organizations are becoming the new Black.  There are some of us who recognize how befitting that metaphor is given that healthcare models seem to  have a cyclical nature to them.  Mostly they cycle between physicians heading out to be independent from healthcare organizations and then coming back under the umbrella once again.  Has … Continue reading

Engaging The Patient With Your EHR (And Why MEDITECH Can’t Help You)

The most underutilized resource in all of healthcare is the patient. For those unfamiliar, e-Patient Dave (Dave deBronkart) is a fairly well known blogger and activist who uses his personal experience to advance the proliferation of healthcare data into the hands of patients.  No, this isn’t meaning through Patient Portals or PHRs.  The idea is … Continue reading

The Need to Redesign Medical Information

We have communication problems in the medical world.  No, not just the lack of communication happening between healthcare providers that some mistakenly think the newly christened “EHRs” are going to fix.  More importantly, the disconnect lies between the data and those reading it.  Providers sift through a patient’s chart gathering data to develop a mental … Continue reading

ONC Certified HIT Product List Is Up!

ONC has set up a website that will list all of the certified HIT products for HITECH reimbursement.  It is aptly called the Certified HIT Product List with the sexy acronym of CHPL.  I think we should pronounce this: “Chip-uhl.”  As of this morning, there are a total of 4 products on here and I’ve … Continue reading

Why I download MEDITECH/LSS NPR Reports.

“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Have you ever tried to write an NPR report?  Have you ever scoured a data definition only to come up with half of the information you need? Or maybe you’ve painstakingly created the perfect NPR report, let it run for an hour and find to your … Continue reading

Visualizing Diagnoses in a Patient Population

Data can have a certain beauty to it. I pulled the current active diagnoses of 1,926 patients from one of my former clients in WV (with permission of course) on March 20, 2010.  After first creating a similarity matrix from the data, I used Multidimensional Scaling to generate plot points of each diagnosis.  Therefore, the … Continue reading